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Archer Farms Eldarica Pine History

In 1978, Archer Farms, Inc began its cultivation of an Iranian strain of Pinus eldarica and through the years has developed, from its parent seed stock, its own strain of Eldarica far superior to any now available on the market. We have bred out of our New Mexico strain, many of the unfavorable characteristics common in most other Eldaricas, including those of the Afghan and Azeri varieties. Our New Mexico strain, Archer’s Eldarica, is more dense and more compact than most, giving it a full Christmas tree shape. Over the past three decades, we have supplied the entire Southwest with the best quality live Christmas and landscaping Eldaricas that can be found.

Care and Maintenance

If used as a live Christmas tree, care of the Eldarica is very simple. First, the trees should not be kept indoors for more than two weeks and should be kept away from any heat sources. If purchased earlier, leave the tree outside and water regularly so the root ball remains moist. Give the pine a good soaking prior to moving indoors and water it by placing several handfuls of ice cubes on the top of the root ball everyday or at least every two days. This not only cools the root ball, but trickle irrigates it as well. Just remember that there is less water in ice than you may think, so give the tree plenty. When moving the tree from inside your home to its planting location, please acclimate it gradually to the winter environment by placing it first on a porch or inside a garage for a few days so it can adjust to the cold and dry weather. Keep it wet!

Plant it in a sunny, well-drained spot in a hole slightly larger than the bucket it sits in. Water it on a regular basis, two or three times a week. Do not fertilize the tree for at least one year, as it will not require it. If you wish to put an additive in the planting hole, Milorganite is our recommendation. It is organic and will not burn the roots.

It is a desert species, known to be a great xeric (low water requirement) tree, but the Eldarica does require regular watering for the first several years. Once it starts growing well (3 to 4 feet a year) begin weaning it away from its normal irrigating cycle. Cut the water down by a third or even half. This causes the tree to start developing its multiple tap root system, thereby anchoring the tree properly. This develops a strong and healthy root system. If this very fast growing pine is shallow watered as it gets larger, there is a chance that one of our very high winds will blow it out of the ground, due to the fact it was never allowed to develop its tap roots or lateral anchor roots. Depending on where the tree is planted, once established, it may never need irrigating again. It is known to survive on only eight inches of precipitation a year.

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